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iRacing Dirt Rules and Formats

These Rules may be modified at any time to improve the racing
here at TRUE GRIT Motorsports

Modified rules will be in Green.
Last updated 6/29/22
Updated Season 3 Rules.

 To register for this league you must 1st read these Rules.
Registration button is at the bottom of these Rules. 
 Remember the Golden Rule.
Race Others as You Wish to be Raced.
General Rules
This is just a game so have Fun.
The League Owner may change these Rules at any time BUT must post the changes on the Facebook Group.
This is an Adult League and all drivers are preferred to be 25+ years old.
All races will be Announced in our Face Book Group.
Join our Face Book Group Here -
Anyone who is blinking excessively will be given an EOLL or removed if it continues. 

As we encourage rookie drivers to race in this league as we enable all driver aids but force cockpit view.
Anyone who is blinking excessively will be given an EOLL or removed if it continues. 

We do NOT allow any drivers with PRO iRacing Licenses or Irating above 5000 to race in this league.
Driver Bashing/Calling Out of other drivers will NOT be Tolerated in this League. Keep it in Private or talk to an Admin post race.
We ask all members to please Register with the TRUE GRIT Discord as all Announcements will be made in it in the near future.
No annoying, loud or high pitch noises.
Reduce the amount of background noise, if possible.

Link to Discord Download -
TRUE GRIT Discord Server Invite Link 
Car/Truck Numbers - Racing Number
All drivers must request racing number when registering and race that number in all series. Drivers who's racing number doesn't match the number on your cars or truck will have 2 weeks to correct this or start getting a -10 point penalty for mismatched numbers.
New drivers that do not request a number will be assigned an 800 number until they request a number.
Provisional - Drop Race - Sub Driver
You will not get any Provisional this season.
You will get 2 drop race per season but can not drop the last race of the season.This means you can throw away your worst 2 finish's of the season or if you missed a race or 2 it will throw them weeks away.
We do not allow any substitute drivers in this league. 

Rough/Dirty Driving 
This type of driving will not be tolerated here @ TRUE GRIT Motorsports.The penalty for rough and overaggressive driving will be determined by the TRUE GRIT Admins on the severity of the offense.
This will get you penalized every time so don't do it.
Wrecking the Leader
At no time will anyone ever win a race here by intentionally wrecking the leader.
Lap Down Drivers
Lap down drivers are to yield to the lead lap drivers ASAP and NOT race them once they have been passed.

If a lap down driver gets caught blocking a lead lap driver they will be black flagged or given a post race penalty.
Race Format
(Laps vary depending on the series)
Drivers Meeting - 15min. before 1st Race of the Night.
Practice - 15 minutes.
Qualifying - 2 laps on Sunday, None on Thurs.
Heat Races - 6-8 drivers, 7-10 laps, Random Starts on Thurs
Top 3 Transfer Straight to the Main.
Admin Thrown Yellow Flags during Heat Races and LCQ.
LCQ - 18 drivers, 12 laps or 10 minutes.
Main Event - 20 Drivers and 25-40 laps.
Fast Repairs - 1 on Dirt Ovals.
Green/White/Checkered - 2 on Dirt Ovals.
Caution Laps Do Not Count On Dirt Ovals.
Wave Arounds - 2 drivers per caution and a driver is only permitted to get 1 wave around per caution.
Weather - 78° varies 2-5%
Track State: 
Practice - 10%
Qualifying - 15%
Heat Races - 20%.
LCQ - Reset to 20%
Main Event - Reset to 25%
***The Next Series will launch as soon as the Previous Series race has finished. Start times on the schedule are just suggested start times.***
Starts and Restarts
Dirt Ovals - Double File Rolling Start
Initial Race Start and all Re-Starts are on the Leader off turn 4 after the Pace Truck leaves the Track on all Dirt Tracks. 
Leader MUST maintain pace speed(+or- 5 mph) or they will be black flagged.
Dirt Tracks - 1st 3 Yellows
Double File with leaders choice of high or low.
If leader doesn't go by GREEN outside pole may go.

Jumping the Initial Race Start or any Re-Start
If any driver in the front row jumps the start or a re-start or a driver in the field tries to pass any other drivers before the flag stand they will be black flagged. If this was not caught until post race review it will be a -10 points. If the race winner is caught jumping a re-start in post race review they will have there win taken from them.
4th Yellow on
Single file nose to tail no attempting to pass on the inside until the flag stand and if you do you must give the position back by turn 2 or receive a bf or -10 point post race penalty on Dirt Ovals.
If you are damaged or slow move low and tell everyone to pass you high on the re-starts.
Practice - No Points
Qualifying - Top 5 in the Methanol Bandit Series will each receive bonus points.
**Drivers must start in the "B" and/or A-Main to be eligible for your heat race bonus points**
  1.  5
  2.  4
  3.  3
  4.  2
  5.  1
LCQ/Consolation Race - No Points
**All drivers that do not make the main event will get 10 points**

Main Event
  1.  50
  2.  48
  3.  46
  4.  44
  5.  42
and continue to go down by 2 points to 20th place. 

Bonus Points - None
Hard Charger Award
Driver who gains 4 or more positions during the race.
You must make an honest attempt to finish your heat or or B-Main to be eligible for the Hard Charger Award. 
Hard Luck Award
Driver who loses 5 or more positions during the race
Hard Charger Award & Hard Luck Awards just honor mentions in the winners pics and NOT bonus points. 
Point Penalties
Some of these penalties depend on the severity of the offense.
We do Replay reviews on all Dirt Ovals.
As iRacing does NOT throw Yellows on the last lap we review all last lap incidents. 
Caused Cautions
Heat Race All = EOLL
If you cause an incident to win a heat or LCQ and don't get an EOLL during that race you will start the Main Event with an EOLL.
Main Events
With Contact = EOLL
Shared = EOLL
Solo = EOLL
Any driver who thinks they brought out the yellow should go EOLL.
If an incident is yours and you don't go EOLL you will get a post race -1 lap penalty and scored behind all cars on that lap.
Any driver who causes an incident in the last 2 laps of the Main Event that doesn't bring out a Yellow Flag will be given a post race EOLL.
Jumped Starts
Jump Initial Start = Black Flag or -10 points
Jump Initial Start & Cause Wreck =  Black Flag or -15 points post race penalty and Possible Probation/DQ/Suspension/Ban.
Leader playing games = Black Flag
Playing Games = Speeding up or Slowing down more than 5mph, brake checking, pinching competitors into outside wall, etc. 
Attempting to Pass before flag stand =
Black Flag or -10 points post race penalty.
Attempting to Pass before flag stand & cause a wreck = Black Flag or -15 points post race penalty and Possible Probation/DQ/Suspension/Ban.
Passing on inside for race win = -15 points + - 1 lap post race penalty
Rough Driving
Racing into a wreck = -8
Unnecessary Contact  = -10 points
Retaliation = -15 points & Possible Probation/DQ/Suspension/Ban.
***Retaliation includes post race antics***
Rough Driving = To be Determined by the TRUE GRIT Admins
Wrecking the leader to win = End of Longest line
Intentionally Wrecking the leader to win = -25 points + End of Longest line & Possible Probation/DQ/Suspension/Ban.
Call Outs - Driver Bashing
Simple Call Out 1st offense = -5 points + Warning
Simple Call Out 2nd offense = -15 points + Probation for 30 Days.
Simple Call Out 3rd offense = DQ'ed and Parked for rest of Season in all Series.
Flagrant Call Out 1st offense = -15 points + Probation for 30 Days.
Flagrant Call Out 2nd offense = DQ'ed and Parked for rest of Season in all Series. 

Post Race Protest 
All Protests must be submitted within 1 hour of the last race of the nights conclusion.               .

At no time are you permitted to cut the track.
***At Limaland you must have 2 tires above the white tires at all times.***
***At Knoxville you must not race on the apron/raised surface.*** 

If you are caught cutting the track during a race you will receive a black flag.
If you are not caught until post race you will get a -1 lap penalty and scored behind everyone on that lap.

By clicking Register you are agreeing with these rules and want to
Race with TRUE GRIT Motorsports.
Please request 3 car numbers when registering.

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