Thursday, September 30, 2021



Tonight we are back racing, I Apologize for last week as I lost power and then internet for 3 days and was unable to host the races. We are returning to the heat race - consi format and reducing the main event field size to 20 cars for tonight. The top 4 from each heat will transfer right to the main event and 8 will transfer to the main event from the consi. We will race the Dirt Street Stocks, 360 Dirt SprintCars and the the 410 Dirt SprintCars all back to back.

Come join us in TeamSpeak as once we start hosting races in League Sessions TeamSpeak may become Mandatory to race.
I recommended the 32bit client for gaming as it draws less resources from your pc with no sound/voice quality loss.
Link to TeamSpeak -
TeamSpeak IP: ""  No Password